Numinous Numerology February 2018

Numinous Numerology

Yoga by Numbers, February 4 at 12:00 p.m.

Big picture🌝🌑🌚

This month there is this annoying pull to sweat the small stuff. But don’t forget to do life and to work on your soul and your soul connections. February is an exercise in maintaining the “Big picture”.
Is there something that doesn’t really matter but the maya/illusion has convinced you that it matters? Just an example: Maybe you are working too much because you feel like you have bills to pay. But this doesn’t allow you to spend much time with your children. Bills are important to take care of in this life but the soul connection with your children is something more eternal. Yeah, we are talking a really #bigpicture. So maybe there is a way to shift the work situation, or make do with less to help out your relationships.
That is the energy of this month- to not forget these eternal, astral relationships we get to experience in physical, dense, material, earthly form…through talking, hugs, eating together, snuggling, sharing space….
#Garuda or #Eagle mudra pictured here helps us keep the broader lense of life and infinity in focus. The right hand is closer to the body. This #mudra can be used to increase inspiration (with spirit) since the eagle is the highest flying bird it is the closest to #heaven. This mudra helps to balance the air/vata element in our body as well.


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