Nancy Chontos HeadshotNANCY CHONTOS:  Nancy has practiced Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga for 15 years. She has completed over 400 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with High Honors – earning her the title of Certified Chair Yoga Teacher, and is also certified in Restorative Yoga as well as Face Yoga. Nancy is currently getting certified in Mind Maintenance Yoga. In addition, she has a certificate in Fundamentals of Gerontology from the University of Southern California Davis school of Gerontology.

Nancy has a BS degree in Psychology and spent her pre-retirement career in sales and marketing in the performance improvement industry. Nancy & her husband, Lance, moved to Reno in November of 2014, and have been married since 1991.

CLASSES: Chair Yoga, Thursdays, 10:30 – 11:30 am. Students should arrive by 10:20 am to get a seat and get settled. Please contact the instructor before attending your first class.

CLASS FEES: $3 cash drop-in due at the beginning of class.

CONTACT: Please email for more information, questions, or to see about attending your first class.


You don’t have to turn your body into a pretzel to practice Yoga!

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of Hatha Yoga done while seated in a chair or standing next to the chair for support, thus avoiding the difficulty some experience getting up or down on the floor.

In this 60-minute class you will learn and practice breathing techniques, Yoga postures, Balance postures and moves, and stage-by-stage relaxation — all with the aid of a chair.

Many poses will have optional levels of challenge provided, so the class is designed for the very beginner up to those with experience looking for a Hatha Yoga class done in a chair. No props (mat, block, etc.) necessary.
Wear comfortable clothes (t-shirt/sweatshirt and sweat pants, loose-fitting slacks or yoga pants) and please do not have a meal within an hour before the class.

Key Benefits include:

* Improved strength
* Improved flexibility/mobility
* Improved balance
* Increased bone density
* Improved circulation
* Stress reduction


“The truth about Nancy Chontos. If you have ever taken a yoga class you know that the instructor is key to everything. Nancy communicates with the class by sending out lists of topics and when they will be covered. Where and When the upcoming classes will be scheduled or possibly canceled. So even before she meets the class, she is preparing for the best possible outcome for all the students. The manner in which the teacher greets and meets the individuals helps the new person feel welcome and the most arthritic person feel ‘I will get something good from this class.’ If you have ever taken a yoga class, I feel the atmosphere and the instructor’s attitude to the students makes a difference. Nancy has an open way of dealing with the unknown situations and encouraging positive outcomes. She treats all students as individuals with some having more flexibility available to them at any given time and on off days encouraging you to gently work on whatever you can. She is a skilled practitioner who continues her education and understanding of the practice of yoga, and is always willing to address current issues and learn new things. In today’s world there is not enough kindness. People are fearful, angry and frustrated. The answer to this hostility is kindness and Nancy Chontos knows the answer and practice the answer and when you take her class you will want to be like her and be kind.” -Duffy B.

“I met Nancy Chontos at my first chair yoga class. I began the class not because of the instructor, but rather my continuing problems in my lower back.

I had already had several back surgeries, and more recently faced multiple medical recommendations for a fusion procedure that “might help” somewhat. While I had always been athletic, the obvious wear and tear on my shoulders, knees, lower back had all become very apparent to me. My wife, herself a medical professional, had been espousing yoga as an alternative to more surgery. However, regular (mat) yoga was too difficult on my shoulders and I found that many yoga instructors work too rapidly, and focus little on the actual proper form.

Chair yoga with Nancy Chontos was at first difficult to believe that using a chair would eventually become helpful. Now after five months, I have discovered that Nancy’s slower approach combined with focus on form and outcome and of course movement with the aid of a chair has helped me overcome sciatica and also helped with my range of motion in my shoulders. The outcome is that joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons have stretched enough for me to enjoy a regularly active lifestyle. Thank you, Nancy and chair yoga.” – Steve M.


“Nancy is an excellent instructor! She carefully observes her students, making sure each pose is performed safely & correctly. Emphasis is on flexibility, balance, stretching, strength, and breathing. Her classes appeal to all ages and levels of ability. I have been practicing Hatha & Iyengar yoga for 20 years, and have added Nancy’s chair yoga class to my exercise routine. Each class is well-planned & with a specific focus in combination with the regular sets of stretches and vinyasas. Even with my long history of yoga experience, I am learning new things in Nancy’s classes. That’s exciting for me!” – Karen S.
“ I find chair yoga helps in so many ways… balance, flexibility, and strength. also helps mentally. Nancy helps keep you focused.” – Sylvia H. (87 years old)
“I have tried both regular yoga, Pilates, tread mill, etc. and over time, I now know my limits. Due to previous knee and melanoma surgeries, arthritis, and just old age aches and pains, I have problems that differ depending on weather, etc. I joined Nancy’s chair yoga class at Somersett’s Town Ctr from the on start and try my best not to miss a single class. From day one, I’ve found Nancy to be very professional and an excellent instructor. She is someone who loves what she is doing while sharing her vast knowledge of yoga. She goes out of her way to research and share any current tips or benefits of yoga. Her teaching is always with keeping in mind the safety of those attending her classes. I personally have experienced improved strengths in my posture, flexibility, body balance, and walk. Most recently breathing techniques have proved to be very beneficial during recover from illnesses.” – Tish N.

“Nancy is a focused, patient and knowledgeable yoga teacher. She is completely prepared for each session and welcomes us to class with a friendly smile. She has a warm, inviting style that shines through with her enjoyment of teaching. I appreciate that she’s challenging without pushing. Nancy integrates a variety of classes to keep it interesting. She has helped both my husband and myself with balance and breathing. She also teaches us gentle moves to do at home to maintain flexibility between classes. I am always excited to attend her class – even on a cold snowy morning! I highly recommend Nancy as a yoga teacher for all ages.” -Karen T.
“ Nancy is a certified, knowledgeable, highly skilled, thoughtful, and compassionate chair yoga instructor with years of practice. She takes her job as yoga instructor seriously. She is constantly learning new ways to help her students and plans every class in meaningful ways to help her students improve over time. The sequence of exercises (or asanas) is important and Nancy is mindful of that and makes sure we know how to get into and out of a position.

She truly cares about each student and it shows. She plans her courses ahead and shares the focus of each week with the class, so we are aware of what we are doing in class and why. I have been attending her classes twice a week for about a year and have noticed tremendous improvement in my overall flexibility, posture, and balance. I can now bend down and reach up with my arms/hands more easily, which were very difficult in the past. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and, at times, have found almost immediate pain relief (including from headaches) right after a session.

I am grateful to have found a truly excellent chair yoga instructor who makes a difference in our lives. I used to do hatha yoga in my youth, so I’m very familiar with yoga asanas and routines. I have taken other chair yoga classes locally in the past, and most of them are unsafe or downright dangerous for people with physical limitations like me. They can aggravate a chronic pain situation.” -Elza M.