Weekly Class Schedules

*If you are new to the class, please contact the instructor before you attend*

Scroll down to see our weekly outreach classes in Reno, Sparks, Wadsworth and Nixon!

Visit the Certified Instructors page or click on the teacher’s name below for class fees, phone numbers and emails to register or to be placed on a wait list for FULL classes.  *Chair options indicates entire class can be done in (but not limited to) a chair. Visit the Class Descriptions page to learn more about the classes.

Sunday is Workshop day, see our Workshops and Events page.

6:30 AM Kathy              6:30-7:45
Raja Yoga   *Chair options
Kathy  FULL  6:30-7:30
Hatha Yoga

Kathy  FULL     6:30-7:30
Hatha Yoga
Kathy  FULL    6:30-7:30
Vinyasa     Cancelled 11/23
Kathy  FULL   6:30-7:30
Vinyasa    Cancelled 11/24
7:45AM          Mary Lou
7:45-8:45            Private Yoga        *Chair options
Kathy                 7:45-8:45
Private Yoga for the Special Child      Cancelled 11/24


Lisa  FULL     9:00-10:00
Yoga Basics
Lisa                 9:00-10:00
Yoga Basics         Cancelled 11/23
Johanna             8:30-10:00
Beginner/Level1   Cancelled 11/25
 10:30AM  Diane         10:30-11:30  Private Yoga for Arthritis *Chair options  Lisa                10:30-11:30 
Private Yoga 


 Anocha            10:30-12:00 Kundalini Yoga


Diane                    12:00-1:00  Yoga for Arthritis Cancelled 11/27  Katie/Russell             12:30 – 1:00          Midtown Meditation        *Chair options


 Mary Lou
Yoga for Every Body *Chair options
Kathleen               1:30-2:15 Private Yoga for the Special Child Veterans Free!          Tod                            1:00 – 2:15 Kundalini Yoga for PTSD               *Chair options  Cancelled 11/25
2:30/2:45 Veterans Free!           Kathy               2:30-3:30         Relax! Help is Just a Breath Away            *Chair options  Cancelled 11/23 & 11/30   Lauren D               2:45-3:30         Yoga for the Special Child
3:30/3:45   Angela           3:30-5:00
Mixed Levels             
Kathy              3:30-4:15
Private Yoga for the Special Child Cancelled 11/28
 Kathy                  3:45-4:30         Yoga for Scleroderma   *Chair options                Cancelled 11/23 & 11/30 Kathy                 3:00-4:00
Private Yoga for the Special Child      Cancelled 11/24 & 12/1
 Lauren D             3:45 – 4:15       Yoga for the Special Child
4:15/4:30 Kathleen          4:30-5:15
Group Yoga for the Special Child
 Kathy                 4:30-5:15        Family Yoga     *Chair options Cancelled 11/22 & 11/29 Kathy             4:30-5:00
Group Yoga for the Special Child      Cancelled 11/23
Samuel             4:15 – 5:15 Private Yoga for the Special Child      Cancelled 11/24 & 12/1


Lauren D            4:30-5:00
Yoga for the Special Child
5:30 PM Bob                 5:30-6:30
Yoga for Stress Relief
 Lyndsay         5:30-6:30
Hatha Yoga *Chair options
 Kathleen         5:30-6:30
Beginning Hatha Yoga
  Lyndsay          5:30-6:30     Hatha/Vinyasa    Cancelled 11/23  Lyndsay         5:30-6:30 Adaptive Yoga *Chair options                Cancelled 11/24 Starts in 2018! First Saturday!   Kathy                5:00-5:45    Family Yoga *Chair options
6:45 PM Lauren           6:45-8:15

Last update 11/17/2017Yoga for the Special Child now in 4 locations


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