Lyndsay Slocumb

03-Lyndsay-Slocumb-low res social mediaLYNDSAY SLOCUMB: has been practicing Hatha yoga since 2008, became a Certified Practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child® in 2011 and completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification in 2016.  She continues her yoga education with Sonia Sumar, the creator of Yoga for the Special Child®.   Lyndsay offers many different options for each yoga pose, allowing each student to practice the pose in the most beneficial and safest manner for their own body, her Intro to Yoga class is ideal for beginners.

Lyndsay also teaches Adaptive Yoga, working with people who are developmentally delayed, teaching weekly classes at High Sierra Industries and in group homes.  Click here to see more about Lyndsay and Adaptive Yoga.

CLASSES:  Intro to Yoga, Yoga for the Special Child®, Adaptive Yoga, Group homes

CLASS FEES: $48 for a six week series

                 Email:                               Text only: (775) 384-7463