Safety Protocols for In-Person Classes

We are excited to welcome you back to The Yoga Center! 

Vaccination Status and Mask Guidelines:

Since 1998 The Yoga Center has been a collaboration of independent teachers, so we have invited them to set their own guidelines with regards to mask-wearing, class size, and vaccination status. Please be sure to read through the offerings on our class schedule page to determine the guidelines for the class you wish to take. Contact the teacher directly to reserve a spot in their class.

Clean Air and Props and Class sizes: 

  • We invested in a high-quality air purifier for the space to clean the air during and between classes and we will keep the door to the alleyway open when the weather permits to encourage fresh air circulation.
  • In-person class sizes will be smaller than in the past to ensure students are well spaced.
  • Since there are more studies coming out that show how uncommon it is for Covid-19 to spread through surfaces, we are bringing our props back to the studio. You are welcome to use ours or you can bring your own. Please check with your teaching to see what you should have on hand.

HAND WASHING: The Yoga Center will provide hand sanitizer. Students and teacher are encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering The Yoga Center and again upon leaving.

STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: Please stay home if your are feeling under the weather or are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.