Safety Protocols for In-Person Classes

We are excited to welcome you back to The Yoga Center! 

Since the Covid-19 virus hasn’t been completely eliminated in our community, we are taking the following precautions for the health of our teachers and students and ask that you join us:

MASKS: We ask that both teachers and students wear masks while inside the studio.

PROPS: Students should bring their own props to support their practice. (Check with your teacher to see what you should bring.) Other than chairs, The Yoga Center will not provide community props for the time being. If you wish to buy local, consider purchasing from our neighbor, Hello Yoga. You can even make your own with things around your home.

NEED HELP WITH YOUR PROPS? If you have a disability or limited mobility and need assistance transporting your props in and out of the studio, please contact your teacher in advance and let him or her know so they can safely assist you. We have a safety protocol for such cases.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: In-person class sizes will be limited to 6 students and the teacher to ensure proper social distancing. (There are taped guides on the floor so you know where mats should be placed to ensure proper distancing.) Students are encouraged to reserve their spot in advance by phoning, texting, or emailing the teacher. Drop-ins may attend on a first-come first-serve basis but it’s possible that someone might be turned away if the class fills up.

Please honor safe social distancing in the lobby and refrain from congregating inside the building before or after class. We recommend visiting with each other outside in the fresh air.

HAND WASHING: The Yoga Center will provide hand sanitizer. Students and teacher are encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering The Yoga Center and again upon leaving.

STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: Please stay home if your are feeling under the weather or are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.

CLEANING AND SANITIZING: We are cleaning and sanitizing the studio after every use.

NO SHOES IN THE STUDIO: No shoes are permitted inside the studio.