Safety Guidelines for YSC & YfS Trainings

Safety Guidelines in Light of Covid-19:

The majority of our instructors and participants registered for this training have scleroderma, with compromised immune systems and often lung involvement. All of the volunteers who join us to provide every participant with mentored practice teaching during the training have scleroderma or arthritis or other auto-immune conditions. Our instructors will be driving and camping on their way to the training to avoid exposure in planes and hotels. In order to keep our training as safe as possible for our instructors, our participants, and our volunteers, we ask that you do not attend the October 2020 training if you have travelled by plane or public transportation, or if you have attended a large gathering in the previous 14 days. Also, please be prepared to wear masks in case it is advised by the CDC or by our Nevada State Dept of Health protocols.

We hope this will reassure our instructors, participants, and volunteers that it is safe to attend. If these precautions are no longer needed by October 2020, of course we will revise our plans.

We know this is a lot to ask, and if it is not possible for you to drive to the training, please look at the five trainings we have in 2021 in North America, when we hope travel will be safer. We have Sarasota FL in March, Columbus OH in May, Reno NV in June, Toronto Canada in August, and Chicago IL in October. Stay safe!