Beginning Tai Chi

Beginning Tai Chi with Brad Meyer

Mondays 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Starting March 9, 2020

COST: $50 a month, drop-ins welcome $15
Questions: Email or call (775) 379-8815

Tai Chi is often described as a form of moving meditation. The art was originally developed in China as a martial art and today is mostly practiced as a relaxing form of low impact exercise that can practiced by almost anyone. When practiced for health and fitness the slow meditative movements of Tai Chi can have many benefits including:

• Improved strength.
• Greater flexibility.
• Better balance.
• Decreased stress, anxiety and depression.
• Improvement in overall sense of well being.

The class will consist of warm up exercises and will teach a 18 movement short form of Tai Chi  that once learned can be practiced in as a little as 5 minutes.


“I have had the opportunity to practice Tai Chi with Brad Meyer for sometime. First in a regular Tai Chi long form class, and more recently in his Tai Chi for Better Balance series. I have been doing Tai Chi for over 7 years and in my opinion, Brad is one of the best teachers around. He brings experience and positive energy to his classes. It is both inspiring and fun to do Tai Chi with him. Try one of Brad’s classes, I know you will enjoy it.” — Willie Glaser