Family Yoga Skills with Jenea Wessman


Family Yoga Skills with Jenea Wessman
Thursdays, 11:30 – 12:30 pm
Offered In-Person. Drop-ins welcome.

Can your fam use more Zen? A family that flows together, glows together! We will learn science based breathing, movement and mindfulness skills that will fortify your day-to-day life with patience, resilience, and confidence! All while having fun and building community.

Lender mats & blocks available, or buy your own here:

Payment Options:
$20 for 1 Adult + 1Child
$5 for each additional family member
Month Bundle: $65 for 1 Adult + 1 Child, $3 for each additional family member
Pay in-person or on-line at:

What to expect:
1-hour class structure (6×10 minute blocks):

1. Meet & Greet: Meet your Yoga community

2. Class Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Theme & Breath work: We will practice a new skill each week. These skills are tools you can use off the mat, anytime. Such as kindness, generosity, routines, study, and many more!

3. New Pose: Here we practice a new pose that strengthens our balance, range of motion, and motor skills (including bilateral integration/crossing the mid-line).

4. Practice: Next we explore other foundational poses, and practice poses from previous classes, have a bit of play and interaction.

5. Review and Mindfulness: As part of the cool down, we will review & chat about our theme, when we could use these skills, ending with a couple minutes of deep rest.

6. Community members are invited to play chat and mingle before heading out to be great role models for our family, friends, and community!

COVID SAFETY: Vaccinations recommended but proof not required. Masks are optional.