Sacred Sound Immersion


with Timothy Glen and Amar Atma Kaur
Next events: March 15
Sundays, 3:00 to 4:30 pm
Cost: $25 at the door

A Portion of the Proceeds will be donated to Awaken Inc.

The Ancients of many traditions have taught us that through the sound current we are able to uplift our personal vibration and in doing so, attract people and circumstances that resonate with a higher vibratory energetic field.

Tim Glenn and Amar Atma Kaur will guide you into a transcendent experience in which you will bypass your thoughts and move directly into your heart center.

Bring a blanket and cushion, a water bottle and anything you might need to relax deeply into the healing sounds of crystal bowls, planetary gong and celestial voices.

Timothy Glenn is a longtime professional astrologer and numerologist who grew up in a musical family, with classical training in piano and voice. At age 27 he was introduced to the world of Tibetan singing bowls and harmonic overtoning. In the early 90’s, crystal singing bowls were added to the mix, along with various forms of indigenous chanting, singing and toning. More info can be found on his website:

253-Linda-B&W-Amar Atma Kaur uses the sacred teachings of Yogi Bhajan to connect to personal intentions allowing the Kundalini energy to move through the whole chakra system, igniting pure consciousness and deep meditative states of peace, bliss, and connectedness. In a healing vibration setting, she uses her planetary Chiron gong, which represents and vibrates as the wounded healer, to address and heal old wounds that continue to reappear in our lives.