Somatics for Freer Breathing


with Lisa Godenick
Saturday, August 3, 1 – 3 pm
$35 in advance, $45 at the door
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Lisa Godenick,; 864-266-9870

Learn how to create freer breathing through gentle somatic movements. Clinical somatic education retrains how your brain controls your muscles for efficient movement, completely under your voluntary control. When you experience stress, your breathing is the first thing compromised and the tightening of muscles in your torso due to stress further restricts your ability to breathe; this can go on unnoticed by the conscious mind. Somatic breathing will help you change how you are breathing – even when you are not paying attention – for fuller breathing and an increase of oxygen to your vital organs. You were born with the effortless ability to breathe – just watch an infant the next time you are curious about the breath – and you can relearn to breathe fully and freely, through your conscious awareness and releasing tension. Somatics is safe for all ages and fitness levels.

Benefits of Somatic Breathing:
– Improved breathing
– Increased ability to sense and control your muscles
– Self-care practices you can do at home
– Enhanced self-awareness
– Improved proprioception and interoception

Lisa Godenick discovered Clinical Somatic Education in the search for a solution to her own neck and back pain. Lisa is passionate about empowering others to experience the pain relief and freedom of movement that Somatics brought to her own life. She is currently a Level III Clinical Somatic Educator enrolled in the Essential Somatics Professional School.
Stemming from her work in Social and Behavioral Health as a Master of Public Health and her personal experience with kyphosis and lordosis, Lisa founded Sierra Somatics with the mission of eliminating chronic musculoskeletal pain by training people to become self-sufficient in reducing their own pain and tension.