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LEAN IN to access the power within
6-week Series with Amar Atma Kaur
Mondays, 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm, Aug. 19 – Sept. 23
Cost: $108, To Register email or text/call 775- 722-0377

Everyone’s addicted…to something or someone! When life gets uncomfortable, we numb out to avoid the discomfort of the present moment. Food, shopping, pain pills, pot, sex, gambling, co-dependant relationships….anything ring a bell?!

This six-week series, based on a therapeutic yogic technology called SuperHealth, is a perfect blend of the ancient wisdom of the East with the innovations of the West.

This natural, holistic approach helps you change from within so you can break addictions that block you from reaching your full potential. This program is a path to a healthier, happier life. SuperHealth has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and rated in the top 10% of residential programs in the U.S.A.

253-Linda-B&W-Amar Atma Kaur uses the sacred teachings of Yogi Bhajan to connect to personal intentions allowing the Kundalini energy to move through the whole chakra system, igniting pure consciousness and deep meditative states of peace, bliss, and connectedness.