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Fueled by her passion to teach the therapeutic benefits of yoga, Kathy Randolph offers a program for individuals who have an autoimmune disease called scleroderma.

Her journey began with an invitation to teach yoga during the Scleroderma Foundation’s 2002 National Conference in Las Vegas. Since that time, Kathy has researched the disease, consulted with therapists and refined her program to help individuals at all stages of the disease.

In addition to her classes at The Yoga Center – Reno and those she teaches at the annual Scleroderma Foundation National Patient Education Conference, Kathy has produced instructional videos that are now available online, just click on the links below.

Yoga for Scleroderma New Content 2017

Filmed at The Yoga Center – Reno during the Yoga for Scleroderma Practitioner training in June 2017, these segments are a collaboration with Lori Pierce and Joanne Faahnstock, both are Yoga for Scleroderma Practitioners, and have applied yoga to their own symptoms of scleroderma with great success.   Lori and Joanne bring their experience and training to the topics you requested at the 2016 Scleroderma Foundation National Patient Education Conference!

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 Yoga for Scleroderma

Funded by a generous grant from the Texas Bluebonnet Chapter – Scleroderma Foundation.

Ygoa for Scleroderma DVD Cover

Kathy Randolph created this wonderful video for those living with scleroderma. This 49 minute practice consists of floor exercises, standing poses, inverted postures, and breathing and relaxation techniques. All are performed with modifications for physical limitations associated with scleroderma and all can be done while sitting on the edge of or lying on a bed.

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Assisted Yoga for Scleroderma

Funded by generous grants from the Texas Bluebonnet Chapter and the National Scleroderma Foundation.

The Assisted Yoga for Scleroderma 2-DVD set is also sold and distributed exclusively as a fundraiser by the Scleroderma Foundation. For more info on the DVD call 1-800-722- HOPE (4673), or purchase online.

A Two Disk DVD set that includes a comprehensive program of yoga poses and breathing techniques selected for their benefit to those more severely affected with the symptoms of scleroderma, and 10 guided relaxations.

This practice consists of seated and reclining poses, with two complete sections for your hands, and a video on digestive practices for all levels. All are performed with the assistance of a caregiver, with complete instruction for both the individual and the caregiver.  

Each practice is presented in 3 different levels of assistance; minimal, moderate, and maximum assistance, so you can choose the level that is right for you.

Be sure to try the 10 Guided Relaxations to help you relieve stress, improve your breath and relax!   These are great for Every Body!

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Funded by generous grants from the Texas Bluebonnet Chapter and the National Scleroderma Foundation.

Every chapter and support group received a free copy of each DVD for their library.

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