Kathy Randolph

02-Kathy-Randolph low resKATHY RANDOLPH: Co-creator of The Yoga Center – Reno, Kathy has been teaching since 1997 and certified since 1999 with Yoga for the Special Child®, a comprehensive program of yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs. Kathy completed her Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher training at the Satchidananda School of Yoga in 2004, and is a Licensed Yoga for the Special Child® Program Teacher. She teaches the science of Hatha Yoga, which include asanas (poses), pranayama (energy control through breath techniques) and vinyasa (a flowing series of postures linked by breath) to bring the body, breath and mind into balance in preparation for meditation. In addition to classes for children and adults at The Yoga Center and throughout Northern Nevada and California, Kathy offers the Yoga for the Special Child® Basic 1 Program Teacher Training and the Yoga for the Special Child® Continuing Education program on Arthritis and Scleroderma.

CLASSES: Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa, Yoga for the Special Child®, Yoga for Scleroderma, Yoga for Arthritis, Raja Yoga, Private Instruction

CLASS FEES: $48 for a six week series.   Raja Yoga: all proceeds provide sponsorships for Yoga for the Special Child® group class students.  Early Bird Special: $72 for a six week series of 6:30 a.m. classes Tuesday through Friday.

Phone/text (775) 322-4600                     e-mail: kathy@theyogacenterreno.com  

DVDS:  Yoga for Scleroderma, Assisted Yoga for Scleroderma    View Now                                                                           

TEACHER TRAININGS:  Yoga for the Special Child® Basic 1 Program, Yoga for the Special Child® Continuing Education on Yoga for Arthritis & Scleroderma. For Reno programs see our Workshops and Events page.  For worldwide program dates and locations click here.

YOGA FOR SCLERODERMA: In 2002 Kathy Randolph began to apply the techniques of Yoga for the Special Child® to Scleroderma, which she presents at Scleroderma Foundation conferences and chapter and support group meetings around the U.S.  In 2003 the Texas Bluebonnet Chapter of the Scleroderma Foundation made a generous grant to produce Yoga for Scleroderma in video and DVD, distributed by the Scleroderma Foundation.  In 2004 Kathy presented her research paper Yoga for Scleroderma as part of her certification qualifications, click here to read “Yoga for Scleroderma”.  In 2010 the Texas Bluebonnet Chapter and the Scleroderma Foundation each made generous grants to produce Assisted Yoga for Scleroderma,  a 2 DVD set, distributed by the Scleroderma Foundation.  In 2015 Sonia Sumar, creator of  Yoga for the Special Child®, the basis for Yoga for Scleroderma, gave her approval and blessing to the new Yoga for Scleroderma Online project, which will make all of Yoga for Scleroderma and Assisted Yoga for Scleroderma available online for free, reaching those the farthest away and with the fewest resources.  View Now

In 2015 Sonia Sumar asked Kathy to teach a Yoga for the Special Child® Continuing Education Program for Arthritis and Scleroderma.  This training, open to those who have completed the Yoga for the Special Child® Basic 1 Program, will expand the Yoga for Scleroderma program by providing more practitioners who can serve the Scleroderma community in person.  To see more about training to be a Yoga for Scleroderma Practitioner see our Yoga for Scleroderma Certification Program page.