Yoga For The Special Child®

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Yoga for the Special Child®, LLC

Founded in science, enriched with compassion, Yoga for the Special Child® is an innovative and effective approach to early intervention.  Yoga provides infants, children, and their parents with a pleasurable way to improve the quality of their lives.

Yoga for the Special Child® is a comprehensive program of yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs. Yoga stimulates all the areas necessary for a child’s development and will benefit children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities and other developmental delays.

Our style of yoga is gentle and safe and requires no special equipment.   Children will learn a step-by-step integrated system of yoga poses and breathing techniques designed to increase cognitive and motor skills. Adult and private classes are also offered.

Yoga for the Special Child® started here in the Truckee Meadows in 1999 and has been taught at The Yoga Center, in day-cares, pre-schools, Head Starts, public schools, clinics, community centers, group homes, sheltered workshops, rehab facilities, the VA, and a full program for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Clinic teaching everyone from infants to elders. Yoga for the Special Child® has state funding with Sierra Regional Center and Rural Regional Center for children and adults with special needs, we work in federally funded programs, and have funding from Washoe County Social Services, Very Special Arts, and Tru-Vista.

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Kathy & Ian Oct 2012 double boat
Kathy and Ian doing double boat pose