Our Certified Instructors

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KATHY RANDOLPH:  kathy@theyogacenterreno.com – Phone/text: (775) 322-4600

CLASSES – Group Yoga for the Special Child®, Private Yoga for the Special Child®, Yoga for Scleroderma, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga – FULL,  Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa – FULL

$48 for a six week series. Raja Yoga: all proceeds provide sponsorships for Yoga for the Special Child group class students.

Early Bird Special: $72 for a six week series of  6:30 a.m. classes Tuesday through Friday.

LISA DALBERG:  Phone (775) 856-2555               

CLASSES – Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Hatha Yoga – FULL, Private instruction.

$50 for a five week series

ANOCHA GHOSHACHANDRA: anyamani@me.com  Phone (775) 322-5690 

CLASSES – Kundalini Yoga – All ages and experience levels welcome

Single class fee $10

BOB FULKERSON:  NVProgress@yahoo.org  Phone/text (775) 843-2218 

CLASSES – Yoga For Stress Relief

Single class fee $10

$48 for a six week series

KATIE PACKHAM: katiepackham@gmail.com  Text preferred 775-544-4243

CLASSES – Gentle Yoga with Yin 

Single class fee $10

LISA EVERETT-BRIDGEWATER:  lisaeb3@sbcglobal.net  Phone/text (775) 224-9763

CLASSES –  Yoga for the Special Child®, Yoga for Every Body, Private Instruction, Yoga for Scleroderma

$48 for a six week series

JOHANNA MCCLAIN:  Johanna@johannamcclain.com  Phone/text (775) 771-3426

CLASSES – Level 1/Beginner

$60 for six classes within 90 days or $15 single class fee

MARY LOU URRUTIA: – Phone/text (775) 742-0261

CLASSES – in English and/or Spanish: Yoga for the Special Child®, Private Instruction

KATHLEEN KNAPP MCKNIGHT: Phone/text (775) 636-2726

CLASSES – Beginning Hatha Yoga, Intermediate Vinyasa, Yoga for the Special Child®, Yoga for Scleroderma

$48 for a six week series

LYNDSAY SLOCUMB: slocumb.lyndsay@gmail.com, Text only (775) 384-7463

CLASSES – Yoga for the Special Child®, High Sierra Industries, group homes, Adaptive Yoga

$48 for a six week series

JENNIFER DUVALL:  jduv1981@gmail.com, Phone/text (775) 722-9871

WORKSHOPS – Yoga by the Numbers

$45 per workshop

CHRISTIE MALONE: zenfriend2u@gmail.com Phone/text 775 223-2772, http://www.sollesister.com

CLASSES – Yoga Nidra

For fees visit www.sollesister.com or call/text 775 223-2772

KATIE LOUVAT: klouvat@gmail.com  Phone/text (775) 813-3524

WORKSHOPS – An Urban Retreat in the Heart of Midtown:                                                        Morning Active Practice, 9 am to 11:30 am,  Afternoon Yin and Restorative, 1:30 pm to 4 pm

Single session – $40; Both Sessions – $75

Space is limited, pre-registration is required.  Webpage: www.katielouvat.com

LAUREN (INDERBIR KAUR) AHRENS: laurenheller@sbcglobal.net Phone (775) 843-3937

 CLASSES – Kundalini Yoga – All ages and experience levels welcome

Single class fee – $10

DIANE DUNN: dunndiane@icould.com Phone/text (775) 870-2092

CLASSES – Yoga for Arthritis, Private Instruction

$48 for a six week series

TOD (BACHANSUKH SINGH) SHERMANtod_sherman@yahoo.com   Phone//text   (775) 247-8965

CLASSES – Yin Yoga

$80 for a 10 week series or $10 single class fee