Lee Ann Maynard

IMG_3586LEE ANN MAYNARD, RYT500: Lee Ann started practicing yoga over 20 years ago as a way to feel strong emotionally and physically while coping with spinal problems, anxiety and depression.  She worked with a Viniyoga Yoga Therapist for 6 years, healing from spine injuries and managing stress before deciding to become a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher. She started studying Buddhist meditation through the Dzoghen Lineage and is currently studying Mindfulness and Meditation (Thai Forest Tradition) with the beautiful Denise Barclay, a Dharma Zephyr Lay Leader and Yoga and Meditation Teacher in Reno.

She is passionate about teaching stress reduction techniques and wellness principles through the practice of yoga and meditation for a higher quality of life. Her goal is to guide students to a place where they can find their inner teacher and to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, supported and safe.

CLASSES: Yin Yoga, Thursdays, 6:45 – 8:00 pm
CLASS FEES: $16 drop-in, $70 for 5 classes (expires in 90 days), $130 for 10 classes (expires in 90 days)
CONTACT: mindfulyogawithleeann@gmail.com; 775-497-4817

WRITINGS BY LEE ANN: Yin Yoga and Quieting the Mind

Thursdays, 6:45 – 8:00 pm 

Slow down, unwind and release tension in this slow and deep practice designed to guide you through Yin Yoga Poses to increase your sense of flexibility and openness. Postures are passive and held for longer periods of time to penetrate deep into the connectives tissues to release tension and open up meridians (energy channels in the body). It is a contemplative practice that trains the body and mind to become more open and aware in a relaxed way. No yoga experience necessary. Lee Ann will help you into an individual practice that is unique and wise for your body.


“After trying Yin Yoga on my own for a few months, I started taking classes from Lee Ann to see if a teacher could help me.  She could, a lot.  There were things that books and videos just couldn’t explain.  I needed a teacher.  Besides knowing her stuff, Lee Ann is warm, cheerful, and witty.  And I find myself smiling when I see how much joy she takes in teaching.  Were she to offer a class in medieval poetry or in woodworking, I’d sign up.  As for Yin Yoga itself?  I felt great after the first class, wonderfully tranquil.  But, of course, I was a novice and just beginning to learn.  In the next couple of classes—under Lee Ann’s attentive eye—I got better at relaxing and softening into the poses, better at letting gravity do the work.  And with this improvement, the benefits of Yin Yoga became even greater.” —Jim Hancock