Yoga for Scleroderma and Arthritis Teacher Training

2020 brought us COVID and a year spent rescheduling our in person Continuing Education on Scleroderma & Arthritis Teacher Trainings, with fingers crossed and hoping that 2021 would allow us to get back together.

That has not happened. With new variants and uncertainty how things will continue to unfold, our parent, Yoga for the Special Child will be teaching all online, where appropriate, for 2021, and thus all of OUR in-person trainings are cancelled. Travel is still not advised, and when we CAN travel, we don’t know if the vaccine will prevent transmission. In an effort to keep all of our Scleroderma community safe, including high-risk teachers and volunteers, we will not be teaching in-person through at least year-end 2021. We thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued interest in our offerings and your desire to support the Scleroderma Community.

All is not lost, so, please don’t fret! We adapted how we serve the community in 2020 and now, in 2021, we’re adapting how we serve those of you that want to join our efforts. For all of you who have been patiently waiting to take our program, or who have taken it in the past, we are going to hold a June Zoom event for you on June 26, 2021 at 4:00 pm UTC; 9:00 am PDT; Noon EDT We will talk about what we can safely present for students with Scleroderma during COVID (or any time they are quarantined at home, really). Email to register.

Lori Pierce will share ideas and resources from her year of leading twice weekly guided relaxations and creating podcasts for our podcast channel.

We will present a variety of pranayama practices that present no contraindications and are appropriate to teach to individuals and support groups with individuals you haven’t met in person and had the ability to evaluate their range of motion and abilities/limitations.

We will have time to visit and share what we CAN do during COVID to serve our Scleroderma community.

In the meantime, please familiarize yourselves with our Yoga for Scleroderma Resources:

  • On the webpage you can find stories, variations, and testimonials, plus easy access menus to our videos, past events, and podcasts.
  • The Podcast channel, started in September and had 1,000 downloads by New Year’s Eve.
  • The YouTube channel has a variety of safe and effective practices
  • COMING SOON: “Scleroderma Women Are Mommies, Too!” – Prenatal Yoga w/ Alexis Harrison filmed in December, a few weeks prior to the arrival of Beckham “Beck” Harrison, born January 6, 2021.


Our new cancellation policy going forward:
In-person trainings will be confirmed, canceled, or post-poned NO LESS than 60 days prior to the start of training.

If you plan to attend one of our trainings, please don’t wait to sign up until the last minute. We will be making the “go/no go” decision at the 60 day mark.

Trainings could be canceled or postponed due to lack of attendees enrolled OR due to the ever-changing and ongoing COVID (or any health) situation. Trainings are dependent on working with teachers and volunteers living with Scleroderma. As such, they are in the high-risk category for any health pandemic, making it unsafe for them to travel or be in group settings. Additionally, volunteers may need advanced planning time for travel arrangements due to medical considerations they need to consider. We don’t want to leave anyone scrambling at the last minute.

Thank you for bearing with us as we navigate these times!