The Yoga Center: New Owners, Continued Mission

katie russell kathyThe Yoga Center Reno has some exciting news: After almost 20 years under the loving directorship of Kathy Randolph, Angela Sullivan, and Lisa Dalberg, we are delighted to welcome Katie and Russell Persson as the new directors and stewards of the Yoga Center. Katie Louvat Persson has been teaching yoga in our community since 2001—you may recognize her name from the monthly long practices that she has been offering at The Yoga Center since 2016. Russell and Katie are also the founders and hosts of the Midtown Meditation Group that meets at The Yoga Center every Wednesday.

The Yoga Center’s focus has always been to make yoga accessible to all—from children to seniors to those with disabilities. As Russell and Katie step into this role they look forward to carrying our original mission forward as well as expanding the center’s offerings to include more meditation opportunities, a new Iyengar Yoga program, and more. We hope you’ll sign up to receive our new newsletter so you can stay informed about our programs and offerings as they continue to develop.

World’s Largest Accessible Yoga Class

Let’s Set a Record!

On June 23rd, we’re going to have the world’s largest Accessible Yoga Class.

Help us make history and send a message that yoga is for everyone! Join us at The Yoga Center Reno via our Live Stream from the Accessible Yoga Conference in Toronto for 30 minutes of mindful yoga instruction by Jivana Heyman, Dianne Bondy and Mary-Jo Fetterly. (Sponsored by Yoga International.)

Saturday, June 23 at 9 am Pacific Daylight Time (North America).


Yoga for Scleroderma: Modification Monday by Lori Pierce

Modification Monday

 We’ve started something new! On Monday’s we will start posting one yoga posture that can be easily modified for a Scleroderma body.

Lori has been modifying her postures since she began yoga in 2010. With a pretty limited body, she has developed a good skill for it. Here is one variation of down dog and two variations of side plank.

If we can’t get down to the floor, we bring the floor up to us. It’s all about safety and comfort.

Yoga is for every body, let’s keep those bodies moving!